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In the era of fast technological development, entertainment is just at your fingertips. Mobile software and streaming apps make it easy to find joy according to your taste.

Picasso app is an extraordinary app that contains a massive way to entertain you. You can watch online TV, free movies, shows, and even can play fantasy cricket. In the era of Netflix and Hotstar, this app made a revolutionary emergence, proving it different from others. PikaShow

In this Picasso app review, we will look deeply at the benefits of using this app. We will also discuss safety concerns and answer whether it is safe to use or not.

Picasso App

Application Name Picasso App
System Requirements Android 4 +
App Version 10.8.3 (V86 Latest Update)
Total installs 105+ Million
App size 16.38 MB
Category Entertainment
All Features Available
Updated 3 Hour Ago

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What Is Picasso App?

Picasso live tv app is a versatile entertainment platform that can entertain you without going away from it. Users can watch movies of their interests. Further, it works as a live TV which means it is easy to access TV shows or news in no time.

Its vast collection of movies and music of different genres amuse many folks. They love it because they find such versatility on a single platform without paying a cent.

Moreover, it’s also an attractive platform for cricket lovers. They can choose players of their interests and make their dream teams. This way, they participate in fantasy leagues where they compete with other users.

Key Features Of The Picasso App

Easy To Use

The interface of the app is very friendly to users. Their layers are familiar to users. Developers categorize everything in such an easy way. They make categories such as movies, TV shows, and crickets. These categories make it easy for the user to navigate their desired content with the help of just some finger taps.

Massive Collection

Like other streaming platforms, the app has a wide content collection. From a small child to a 50-year-old man, it always has something for everyone. It contains content of different genres. It also makes regular updates to up to date its content by adding new content to it. The app also has something for cricket lovers.They can watch cricket matches here and also make their teams compete with others. Most users of the app also praise this section.

TV Experience

Old age people do not like to watch movies or today’s music. This app also streams news and TV shows, making users feel a TV-like experience. The most likely thing by users is that all that stuff is available without cost.

Fluent Streaming

This app also supports high-format content. It allows users to watch delicious content without lag or interruption. For this, you must ensure that you have an internet of good quality.Different quality formats of videos may be available according to the quality of your internet. If you face any buffering or lag, it might be due to your internet connection.

Cricket Fantasy

Cricket updates and fantasy options provide an excuse to get excited to cricket enthusiasts. Picasso app provides regular updates about games, especially about cricket. They provide their users with every-minute updates. This way, they build a relationship of loyalty with them.Fantasy leagues are the best way to spend your time in a joyless. You can make competitions with your friends or with other community. This will be an amazing way to kill time or make fun.

Dual Function (Download And Stream)

Knowing that they provide dual functionality to their users is also essential. While streaming online, it also allows you to Picasso App Download your desired content in your favorite format.Remember that many big streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime never let users download their content. Further, the difference between them is that these streaming apps are paid, while Picasso is free.


With such high-quality and updated content, it also makes you happy that you can watch movies in other languages. This app allows users to activate the subtitle option, making watching movies in your unfamiliar language easy.

Built-in Media Player

Picasso also possesses a media player where you can watch your live streamings and your offline save videos. It will save you from downloading any extra media player. You don’t need to switch between different media players to play videos. Having a media player is better, but it does not help them make their presence unique. Almost all kinds of streaming apps now possess an in-built media platform.

Picasso App Download

How To Use Picasso App? Step By Step Guide

Using an app is a simple task. It is as easy as eating a piece of cake.

You just need to follow these simple given steps.

  1. At the start, you have to download the app. For this purpose, kindly choose the right source to download it. It is because you may face many issues by choosing any wrong resource, such as a collection of viruses in your device.
  2. After downloading, you must go to your files and find the “downloads” folder. You will find it here.
  3. Now, click it and start the initial process of installation.
  4. After installing, it’s time to find it on your screen. Find and touch the icon to start the unforgettable journey of entertainment.

Further, settings are also available. For this, you have to do some practice by implementing them. Don’t panic; in a little time, you will learn them.

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Extensive Collection Of Entertainment

This app is mainly famous based on such a variety of content. It contains a huge content collection from classic old entertainment to today’s rap. You can enjoy various movies and dramas here, from action to romance. Further, it possesses a collection of Live TV channels. Here, you can also enjoy live news and TV shows.

Seamless Streaming Experience

It provides a smooth and seamless streaming experience. Options to adjust video qualities are also available. It will enable you to enjoy a high-quality streaming experience, but having a good internet connection is necessary.

Cricket Fantasy

With regular cricket updates, it also provides its user to play a competition with one another. They can enjoy this feature by creating teams based on their choices. This way, they can compete with their friends, which adds a unique taste in entertainment.

Easy To Use

Picass is an app designed while considering all aspects in consideration. Its user interface is so fair to its users. They use nice layers of colors which look attractive and work to provide comfort to the user’s eyes.

Effortless Content Discovery

Further, all content is managed in a great way. All content is categorized in such a way that you can easily access them. Categories are in front of you, such as movies, TV shows, and news. You can easily access them. Further, the navigation bar also enables you to search your desired query, which results in your desired content.

Picasso App


Occasionally Fluctuations In Streaming

It’s not a big disadvantage, but I still add it to the cons of the Picasso app ipl. Normally, it provides flowing and uninterrupted streaming connections. Sometimes, when the internet connection may go low, it makes fluctuations in streaming.


They mainly by showing ads in front of their audience. For this purpose, they pop up advertisements on your screen between streaming. Advertisements continue to Pop-ups on your screen after a while. This may make your streaming experience annoying.

Limited Availability To TV Channels

As the app also gets famous due to providing a TV experience on mobile, it is also essential to know that their access to some channels is limited.

Access To Your Data

Before using it, the app asks you to allow it some access to your storage. These permissions are essential to use this app, but they get access to your data this way.

Manual Updates

As we mentioned, the app regularly updates itself. The disadvantage of these updates is that you have to make them manually. It has not any inbuilt feature which does it on its own.

Is It Safe To Use Picasso App?

Like other streaming apps, they also claim to provide users with a safe environment. The data of users is in safe hands, according to them. Further, you must know the terms and conditions to know how they use their data.

It is also recommended to you that you must download the app from a source that wins your trust. Don’t download from any random platform.

How Much Compatible Is Picasso App?

The compatibility of the Picasso app is not for a single operating system. It is compatible with many operating systems, such as Android and ioS. It also has some compatibility with chosen TV channels.

Further, as operating systems update themselves, the app also needs updates to be compatible. So, the apps also make regular updates to do so.

Its compatibility is not for just some selected systems or mobiles. A small, budget-friendly device also can play the app. Sometimes, it may feel like buffer and lag issues.

Some Tips To Use:

These apps make regular updates. They then added new date data and features to improve their app’s performance. You must accept these updates and do it with them. This way, you will get access to updated data and new options, which will enhance the chances of your personalized experience.

  • Use its search bar, allowing you to access your desired content quickly. You just have to search a query, and the content will be at your fingertips.

  • Such apps follow your steps and show such data which you must watch. You must use this feature and personalize your experience with it.

  • Make fantasy teams with your desires and compete with your friends. This will give you a new way to engage with your friends for entertainment.

  • You must change streaming settings when you want to maintain your usage of data.

Picasso App

Alternatives Of the Picasso App

The entertainment field is very versatile. It is because such apps in the market are on the rise. Picasso is not the only app for such entertainment purposes. These are some alternatives to the Picasso app.

OyaWatch TV:

It’s also a platform that provides its users with a huge collection of movies. It also links with different kinds of TV channels. Besides TV channels and movies, it offers its users a vast entertainment collection of different genres.

Live TV Channels Online Guide:

As now shows that this app is specifically for TV channels. Its users can enjoy the live streaming of different high authorities TV channels from different countries. Further, it also contains some setting that allows you to set an environment to personalize your experience.


Hulu is a well-known streaming app. Due to its vast entertainment collection; It provides its users with movies, TV shows, music, and many more. You can enjoy both live streaming experience as well as on-demand streaming experience. It’s a unique feature that attracts a vast audience.

Conclusion- Picasso App Review

picasso apps is a unique, entertaining app in many ways. It provides a lot of entertainment for content purposes. It helps you to stay updated with the country’s situation by providing daily news updates. If you like TV serials, it also has something for you.

With online streaming, it also allows you to download videos that express its dual functionality. Further, it contains some options that help you personalize your online experience. You can make settings according to your comfort. Fantasy leagues are an added way of entertainment in that app.

Overall, it’s a great app for entertainment purposes. Some negatives it also possesses, but its most positive points send them at the back end. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for a versatile way of entertainment.


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